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Take your school, classes, training programmes, lectures and courses online; the Opigno way

If you need to take your training and learning activities online, I recommend you try Opigno. The solution is flexible so it will fit if you are a school, a company, a non profit, a vocational school, a university or higher institution, or an individual. And it does not matter the size of your students and learners. Opigno is a robust open source learning management system (LMS) based on Drupal. Hop in and get the info.

How about headless Drupal, I mean decoupled Drupal?

Since 1989 when Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, the Web has spun off so immense and never-seen-before level of collaboration, invention and creativity. The Web has progressed from the early days of static websites (Web 1.0) to the time of interactive dynamic content (Web 2.0) which saw the emergence of CMSes. Now at Web 3.0, we are beginning to hear about headless CMS. What are these and how is Drupal keeping up with the new developments? Hop in and get the info.
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