Skillmatic Ace Limited (SAL) was registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria in October 2019 and we commenced business on 1st January, 2020.

We are a Drupal agency creating and managing websites based on the Drupal content managing system and framework.

SAL came out of Chike's Businesses (CB), a freelance website our CEO ran for several years. CB inspired and birthed SAL and we shall forever be grateful to her.

We just got started and we are hoping we will crawl, walk and then run!

Our mission is to be a go-to agency for skilled Drupal developers that will fix your Drupal site.


Meet Our CEO/MD

Ferdinand Chike Aneke

Ferdinand Aneke

Ferdinand aka Chike has been on for close to 9 years having started using Drupal from Drupal 6. His love for Drupal is natural as he met Drupal and the thing just got stuck.