How to use 'drush' instead of 'vendor/bin/drush' to call Drush - cool Drupal tip

With Drupal adopting the use of Composer to manage code as from Drupal 8 upwards, it has become a matter of a single composer require command to install packages that would have taken lots of manual calculations, libraries hunting, downloading, extracting and reuploading, to get installed. This has also affected the installation of Drush. Formerly one has to create the 'drush' folder, download the installer and run the installation; but now all you need is to run a single Composer command to install it. Composer installs Drush inside the 'vendor' directory and makes it available at vendor/bin/drush, but you want to use the traditional drush command and not vendor/bin/drush. What are ways you can achieve this? Check in and get the info.
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