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How to change managing Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 sites from manual to Composer-based

As from version 8, Drupal recommends using Composer to manage dependencies. This has thrown off users who are not comfortable working in the command line. But using Composer to manage packages in Drupal is not explicitly required, it is only a recommendation. You can still manage Drupal version 8 and upwards just the way you managed version 7 being downloading and installing from tarball or installing with Softaculous - these methods are still valid with Drupal. But what if you started manually and now you want to switch over to Composer? Hop on the link and get the info on this.

How to install Drupal 10 with Composer in cPanel 'public_html' folder

Drupal 8 and above recommends using Composer to manage Drupal sites. From initiating projects, installing Drupal core, contributed modules and themes; to updating and managing them, Composer is recommended (but not required). Learn how to install Drupal 10 in cPanel 'public_html' folder using the new recommended template? As an aside, Drupal 10 is giving back power to site builders in many ways so they do not have to worry about Composer if they do not want to use it.
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