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We can create your web blogs and building with Drupal means the usual flexibility so it's not 'just' a blog, it's a unique blog that you designed the way you want, to fine details. It's customized and running on Drupal means your imagination can actually go wild any time and yes your blog can metamorphose to anything else anytime in the future. You can have a forum somewhere on the site, maybe a groups section like a community organised in groups (people can request memberships of preferred groups and each group has moderators, if you wish any member can even create his own group on the site), maybe a classifieds section somewhere and perhaps a marketplace at another section. You can see, we can set your imagination and creativity free! It is not only possible, it is here with you!

Here are some sample Drupal blogs: road.cc (the UK’s leading road cycling website, with over 4 million monthly pageviews and 1 million unique users per month. It has been voted the best cycling website for several years.); The Bond Lifestyle website (was founded in October 2005 by Remmert van Braam, in order to make an informational website about the products and brands that are used by the fictional character James Bond in movies and books. In 2012 the website was featured in a live interview with CNN's Jim Clancy, who called the site "the second most visited Bond website... in the whole world!"; Sensei and The Geek is a website built as the central hub for a podcast by two long-term expat residents of Japan. The site is used as a central location where listeners can access and comment on the podcasts, read blogs, and leave feedback in the forums, allowing for engagement between the podcasters and their audience. This site was built with heavy social networking integration, in pulling content from Instagram and Twitter, and submitting content to Facebook, Google Play, iTunes, and other podcasting services.

We are available to set up your blog and yes, we are good at it. We are thoroughbred web developers in Nigeria with superior skills.


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