Web designers in Lagos Nigeria - Getting ready for work
We are top web developers in Nigeria, one of the best you can get.

We are best in class web designers and web developers serving clients from Surulere-Lagos, across Nigeria and Africa. We deploy websites and web apps using the most powerful Drupal content management system and framework. Building sites with Drupal means creating sites with modern, sophisticated technologies as Drupal keeps pace with cutting edge industry standards.

We create different types of websites

Church and Ministries websites

We create church, ministries and evangelical missions websites

For your church website, we will literally take your church online; we will have your Events and Meetings schedules on site and logs of them; we will have your Ministries on site as communities so you get a Singles Ministry community somewhere on the site, Youth Ministry, Men Fellowship, and Women Fellowship communities, you would have moderators for each Ministry and membership can be controlled and activities/participation are limited to members-only or (if you choose) you can allow access for non-members as you desire.

With the superb media handling in Drupal 8 and above you will love how easy you will manage photos, videos and audio media on the site and we would have beautiful and classically arranged photo, video and audio galleries on the site.

We would have a church staff directory so site visitors can get to meet the staff of your church from the spiritual staff to other workers, these staff will have functional and robust profiles and each staff use the site differently depending on what you want them to do and see on the site, each staff once logged in will have limits to what he can do and see and have control over.

We would have your messages and sermons on the site - audio, video, text and they can be free-to-access or paid-for, either for digital download or physical delivery, we can have a shop for the premium ones.

We can stream your Services and programmes live on the site so members that could not make it to church can attend online or maybe they will join service on their phones while making their way down to the church if say they are delayed. 

We can make it simper also

Not every client will need the level of complexity and robustness listed above. Some clients might need a simpler site taking a few of the mentioned features. We will be ready to create the website at any level of complexity - from the very simple to the feature-rich.

Educational, Academic and School websites

Educational and School website development service
We create educational websites for all ranges of schools, institutions, educational organisations and individual tutors.

We create websites for educational and academic institutions, schools and individual tutors

We create websites for educational institutions and schools, be it k-12 or higher education or vocational training institutes or any related educational and training institutions and organisations. We can also make websites for individual tutors and entrepreneurs.

For your school website Drupal permits us to give you a standardized solution, Drupal is actually mostly widely used by government and educational sites and this is not by chance.

Some of the reasons include:

  • an extensible workflow control that enables universities, colleges and other schools manage their publication process by seamlessly coordinating content operations, tasks and moderation, and keep team members from performing tasks out of order;
  • fine-grained content and user access control that enables you restrict users on the site not only by content types and roles but also by sections of the site, this makes users work only how and where they are permitted to work on the site and also experience the site the way you designed for them distinctly;
  • collaborative systems that aid research and teamwork;
  • a superb multilingual support when your website is international;
  • Drupal ships naturally with a robust and deeply hierarchical taxonomy system and this will assist in classifying content for ease of access and relevance;
  • if you have several related websites for your school then multisite capabilities will enable you share content, configuration settings and users among the sites, this means you will drive all the sites from one codebase making for easier and cost-effective management;
  • school websites prioritize security & accessibility and Drupal takes security & accessibility seriously.

Newspaper, Magazine and Publishing websites

Newspaper, News Magazine and Publishing website development services
We create robust news, magazine and publishing websites with industry standard features.

We create websites for newspapers and for the news, magazines and publishing industry

For your publishing, newspaper and news magazine website, we will give you a site that allows you and your team to focus on what matters most to them: content.

Drupal is awesomely flexible and this means everyone fits it to his purpose, so in this case we will turn Drupal to an amazing publishing platform for you and your team and once you get in to your site, it’s all about your content and managing them, and nothing else (unless you wish to throw something else in the mix – you are free to get creative).

You will love Drupal’s ease of use and superb media handling and then you will be blown by Drupal’s superior content moderation. Workflow management, content moderation and revisioning in Drupal is on a different level and this makes it easy for content authors, reviewers, and publishers to manage content and their workflow as excellently as they can imagine it.

Company, Corporate and Business websites

We create websites for companies, corporate organisations and all kinds of businesses

We can set up your company or business website to taste, from very small websites to enterprise level websites. For small websites we shall make short work of them and for enterprise level sites we shall get the job done professionally.

We have a long standing experience building website for companies and businesses. It could be a brochure site to showcase information about your company or business and collect user feedback. It could be a little more dynamic offering more user interactions and collecting a greater number of user feedback and user behaviour. It could be full blown dynamic with complex functionality, large content categorization, very high volume of content and users, dynamic content search, high volume of user traffic, content moderation and high performance in search engine result pages ranking.

Personal, Career, Portfolio and Professional websites

We create websites for freelancers, professionals, job seekers, artisans, craftsmen and individuals

A website can be a great place to catalogue professional achievements, skills, body of work, publications, career experiences, work samples, client testimonials and all the things that can present an individual to 'whom it may concern'. This could be for purposes of being discovered for a job, being hired to execute a project, sharing your opinions and experiences with the world, making yourself available to interact with like-minded persons across the world or simply locking down your own little space on the web.

We can give you a website that enables you to creatively arrange these things on the site. We will implement very professional SEO work that will make the site very discoverable on the internet.

This is a good way to have an edge over the competition in your profession and career path. It gives you a competitive advantage.

Real Estate websites

Real Estate websites development service
We create bespoke real estate websites different from ten a penny straitjackets.

We create websites for real estate companies, realtors and agents

We can build your real estate website to specifications. We do not offer the commonplace plug and play ten a penny look-alike straitjacket type of websites. We build every element from ground up giving us room to give you a bespoke site. You can direct the flow of the site as we bring to life your imagination.

Be it a site for your real estate company or a public properties listing directory or one for your private listings as an independent agent, we got you covered.

As we build from ground up, we make very performant real estate sites with bespoke features and design.

We are experienced web design experts with a track record of quality work in the real estate industry in Nigeria.

Nonprofit and NGO websites

We create websites for Nonprofits and NGOs

We will setup a powerful website for your Nonprofit and NGO (non-governmental organization) with amazing functionality that support your work; no single redundant feature but when you need a tool on the site we get it implemented and we make sure it fits your purpose.

Very importantly, your site scales with your organisation so if you are starting out small from your immediate community and you start expanding to neighbouring communities and cities and nations, you can trust that your website grows with you. At some point you would need micro sites to serve different cities and campaigns, rest assured your main initial site will carry the other ones and baby-feed them and everyone stays pretty and nice and happy :).

Drupal is used by hundreds of Nonprofit and NGOs and most of our World's prestigious ones, find them here.

E-commerce Web Design and Development

Ecommerce website development in Lagos, Nigeria
We deploy modern, custom-made, custom-built e-commerce solutions. We build your store as you imagined it, no plug and play look-alike straitjackets.

We create E-commerce websites

Our e-commerce solution is Drupal Commerce, Drupal's native e-commerce solution. Drupal Commerce is granular and offers extensive flexibility and power. Combined with the strengths of Drupal, you will get a robust, scalable and tailor-fitted ecommerce solution that can scale as high as you would want. 

Some of the ecommerce sites using Drupal Commerce include Royal Mail (a postal service and courier company in the United Kingdom, originally established in 1516); The Virginia Quarterly Review is a quarterly literary magazine that was established in 1925 by James Southall Wilson, at the request of University of Virginia president E. A. Alderman. This "National Journal of Literature and Discussion" includes poetry, fiction, book reviews, essays, photography, and comics. [...And a bookstore.]; Sport Obermeyer (Since 1947), a prestigious skiwear and sportswear company located in Aspen, Colorado. The website is a B2B and B2C ecommerce site built on Drupal 8 and Commerce 2; Eldum Rétt, an Icelandic subscription service that delivers food boxes complete with recipes and meal plans for home cooking to private households. Eldum Rétt is the market leader in Iceland with thousands of customers and an annual turnover of close to 7 million US dollars. The website is built on decoupled Drupal 8 and Drupal Commerce 2 and an integration with a React Native based mobile app that would communicate with the main Drupal driven website; The Kuusamo-based Ruka is one of Finland’s most popular ski resorts, which has garnered also international recognition for its high-quality training and competition facilities as well as for its available activities. The website is a modern, headless solution with the frontend of the online store built with React whereas Drupal 8 and Commerce 2 were used for content management, also integrating the online store to Point of Sale systems and Skidata Access Management software; BBC Good Food (recipes and cooking tips); Real China Tea (sells top quality Chinese tea in more than 40 countries); Fooda (Fooda works with restaurants to provide awesome food at reasonable prices to employees while at work.); The Soap Emporium (selling luxury hand-made soap products, including bath bombs, salts and scrubs, soaps and many more); Italy Experience (book things to do, attractions and tours in Italy); Transportation in Costa Rica (where users can book transportation services when traveling in Costa Rica); Classic Driver (the leading international market and magazine for classic & collector cars and a sophisticated lifestyle); and many more.

These sites demonstrate the capabilities of Drupal Commerce and if you want a website with similar functionality (or anything e-commerce), we shall build one for you.

We can create your online store to fit to your needs and design. It must not be like the typical design, you can afford to be stylish and different. We can make custom layouts, designs and features just for you.

Blog Web Design and Development

Create a blog website in Lagos Nigeria
We create customized, unique blogs.

We create Blogs

We can create your web blogs and building with Drupal means the usual flexibility so it's not 'just' a blog, it's a unique blog that you designed the way you want, to fine details. It's customized and running on Drupal means your imagination can actually go wild any time and yes your blog can metamorphose to anything else anytime in the future. You can have a forum somewhere on the site, maybe a groups section like a community organised in groups (people can request memberships of preferred groups and each group has moderators, if you wish any member can even create his own group on the site), maybe a classifieds section somewhere and perhaps a marketplace at another section. You can see, we can set your imagination and creativity free! It is not only possible, it is here with you!

Here are some sample Drupal blogs: (the UK’s leading road cycling website, with over 4 million monthly pageviews and 1 million unique users per month. It has been voted the best cycling website for several years.); The Bond Lifestyle website (was founded in October 2005 by Remmert van Braam, in order to make an informational website about the products and brands that are used by the fictional character James Bond in movies and books. In 2012 the website was featured in a live interview with CNN's Jim Clancy, who called the site "the second most visited Bond website... in the whole world!"; Sensei and The Geek is a website built as the central hub for a podcast by two long-term expat residents of Japan. The site is used as a central location where listeners can access and comment on the podcasts, read blogs, and leave feedback in the forums, allowing for engagement between the podcasters and their audience. This site was built with heavy social networking integration, in pulling content from Instagram and Twitter, and submitting content to Facebook, Google Play, iTunes, and other podcasting services.

Dynamic Websites

We create dynamic websites and web applications

We create dynamic websites and by this we mean websites like directory listings, classifieds, marketplaces, job boards, discussion forums, communities and groups, and any other types of websites that decides to add dynamic sections and components.

We have the expertise to deliver these sites professionally. We are thoroughbred web developers and one of the best web design agencies in Nigeria. And that's saying it the way it is.

Online Communities websites

Online communities web development service
We create community and social sites.

We create websites for Online Communities

We can build a community for you where members can interact, exchange information, and engage with each other online. This will be an online community for you to connect and engage partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders, a community with space to connect (groups, discussions, topics), identify members (profiles, tags), and enable quick information search.

What we offer is ideal for knowledge and ideation communities. It is a solution already used by NGOs, governments and hundreds of organizations big and small to connect with their members, volunteers, employees and customers.

Drupal powers award-winning online community platforms for some of the largest international organizations, including the United Nations and Greenpeace. We can create one for you and we do have the professional skills to pull it off. We are leading web designers in Nigeria specializing in Drupal development.

Mobile app development

We build mobile apps mostly to sync content from Drupal websites.

We build Flutter apps for Android and iOS for now.


Our Approach to Web Design

Result-Oriented Projects

Our approach to web design tilts more towards functionality, ease of use, efficiency and effectiveness. When we set out to build a website for a client, our top priority is to give our client a website that gets their job done as much closely. They want to achieve a, b, c so first we get their site to do a, b, c. Also we prioritize ease of use for clients because we do not expect them to turn to webmasters before they can use and manage their website so we build with ease of continuous content management and content creation in mind. They should be able to login to their website and edit existing content or add a new one, probably add a news item, a new categorized post, a new image, video or user account. So we pre-configure layout and styling settings for the site and client only need to login, click 'Add Content' choose the type of pre-configured content they want to add, enter information as easily and they would compose an email message, upload images and videos, choose from layout options and click 'Save'. That's it, they just added a new content on their site, and this new content fits in on the site as we pre-configured. And to edit existing content they would just hover mouse over content (while logged in) and they would find edit handles and buttons and click to edit (or Quick Edit to edit on the fly without even loading page edit screen).

Mobile-First and Responsive Design

Responsive web design - mobile first approach
We create responsive websites.

In a Statista Report published in January 2018, the percentage of all global web pages served to mobile phones from 2009 to 2018 progressed from 0.07% in 2009 to 52.2% in 2018. In the last 5 years counting from 2020, the number of mobile phone users worldwide has gone up nearly one billion, from 4.1 billion to 4.93. There is a growing rate of access to the internet from mobile phones more than from tablets and PCs. This has also affected website creation as standard practice has moved from treating mobile display as an after-thought to now putting it first before designing for larger screens.

We adopt the mobile-first principle in all our projects making sure our sites play well with mobile devices and also stay responsive across device sizes.

Search Engine Optimized Sites

We build websites that are optimized for search engines from ground up. We understand that when our clients set out to create websites, they want their information to reach out to their target audience and when their target audience do not find them while searching for what they do, then their website may not be of much use to them. In this case, their website is for them and their family members and friends at the office to view, of how much use would that be? We think not of much use.

So we do not just build websites and leave it there sitting on our clients' business cards. We build websites to go out and work for our clients. We build websites to go out and compete with their peers and be discoverable. We care about the investment our clients make in creating their websites, so we put in work to make it worth their while so they will be happy investing in the site and the site becomes invaluable to them.

We employ best practices in SEO and digital marketing in our projects.