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We create websites for educational and academic institutions, schools and individual tutors

We create websites for educational institutions and schools, be it k-12 or higher education or vocational training institutes or any related educational and training institutions and organisations. We can also make websites for individual tutors and entrepreneurs.

For your school website Drupal permits us to give you a standardized solution, Drupal is actually mostly widely used by government and educational sites and this is not by chance.

Some of the reasons include:

  • an extensible workflow control that enables universities, colleges and other schools manage their publication process by seamlessly coordinating content operations, tasks and moderation, and keep team members from performing tasks out of order;
  • fine-grained content and user access control that enables you restrict users on the site not only by content types and roles but also by sections of the site, this makes users work only how and where they are permitted to work on the site and also experience the site the way you designed for them distinctly;
  • collaborative systems that aid research and teamwork;
  • a superb multilingual support when your website is international;
  • Drupal ships naturally with a robust and deeply hierarchical taxonomy system and this will assist in classifying content for ease of access and relevance;
  • if you have several related websites for your school then multisite capabilities will enable you share content, configuration settings and users among the sites, this means you will drive all the sites from one codebase making for easier and cost-effective management;
  • school websites prioritize security & accessibility and Drupal takes security & accessibility seriously.

We are among the best web design companies in Nigeria so you can trust you are getting nothing short of top quality work.


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