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We create church, ministries and evangelical missions websites

For your church website, we will literally take your church online; we will have your Events and Meetings schedules on site and logs of them; we will have your Ministries on site as communities so you get a Singles Ministry community somewhere on the site, Youth Ministry, Men Fellowship, and Women Fellowship communities, you would have moderators for each Ministry and membership can be controlled and activities/participation are limited to members-only or (if you choose) you can allow access for non-members as you desire.

With the superb media handling in Drupal 8 and above you will love how easy you will manage photos, videos and audio media on the site and we would have beautiful and classically arranged photo, video and audio galleries on the site.

We would have a church staff directory so site visitors can get to meet the staff of your church from the spiritual staff to other workers, these staff will have functional and robust profiles and each staff use the site differently depending on what you want them to do and see on the site, each staff once logged in will have limits to what he can do and see and have control over.

We would have your messages and sermons on the site - audio, video, text and they can be free-to-access or paid-for, either for digital download or physical delivery, we can have a shop for the premium ones.

We can stream your Services and programmes live on the site so members that could not make it to church can attend online or maybe they will join service on their phones while making their way down to the church if say they are delayed. 

We can make it simper also

Not every client will need the level of complexity and robustness listed above. Some clients might need a simpler site taking a few of the mentioned features. We will be ready to create the website at any level of complexity - from the very simple to the feature-rich.

We are one of the leading web design agencies in Nigeria so you can trust you are dealing with professionals.


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