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How to install Drupal 10 with Composer in cPanel 'public_html' folder

Drupal 8 and above recommends using Composer to manage Drupal sites. From initiating projects, installing Drupal core, contributed modules and themes; to updating and managing them, Composer is recommended (but not required). Learn how to install Drupal 10 in cPanel 'public_html' folder using the new recommended template? As an aside, Drupal 10 is giving back power to site builders in many ways so they do not have to worry about Composer if they do not want to use it.

The new things in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 is the newest version of the Drupal CMS released in 2015. With the release came major changes in Drupal, it is a complete rewrite and lots of things changed (for the better). Drupal has been known for being so brave to break things in order to make giant leaps forward. So with version 8, the amazing and all-time successful Drupal 7 was broken (one would think this was unimaginable), I mean who will break such a successful CMS like Drupal 7 and what better product could you possibly make? But Drupal 8 has proven to be superior indeed, something better than Drupal 7, amazing!
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