The Insight - financial news team in Lagos Nigeria

The Insight, a new financial news website offering insightful finance and economic news from the best team of authoritative reporters in Nigeria. They publish from Ejigbo, Oshodi-Isolo Local Government Area, Lagos.

This site implements superb media handling and content moderation making client's publishing workflow automated.


The Challenge

Client is in the publishing industry and have experienced various publishing platforms used by agencies he personally have worked with, so when we were analyzing the project he can understand the difference we were making. He saw that Drupal offered him a superior experience, a superior power and more importantly to him, a more durable platform.

He was blown by the fact that his reporters can submit stories right on the site and the articles will be held for review, the appropriate editor for the section will be notified that a new article is submitted and he will then review and if okay he will publish or if not okay he will edit and publish. Already published articles can also be reviewed and if not reviewed by an editor, the edits will also be held for approval. Also media files like images, video, audio and documents can be submitted on the site with or without a story and also held for approval, once approved the media item gets added into the media system where they can easily be called up by name (or any other metadata) and be used and reused in posts.

He also understands that by the time he will start making different editions of the site, we will implement the amazing Workspaces feature in Drupal 8 by which he can make a new edition of the site in a Staged Workspace and lots and lots of new stories pertaining to the planned new edition will be created, edited and all completed in the Workspace (with none of them ever showing up in the Live version of the site). This will be a complete whole new content all laid out in a Workspace, and once the new edition is ready, then with a single touch of a button, the entire content gets published  at once and the Live site changes with all the new content instantly. This is incredible stuff and this has utterly blown client away.


Our Solution

We deployed Drupal 8 and all client requirements and our own extras were implemented.



A happy satisfied client now working with a superior machine of a website.